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  • Joint Venture produces the advertising and commercial contents of the photographer Fabrizio Piscopo and his crew of pros. Over the years, while Fabrizio was trained in the world of communication and increasingly specialized in the photography field, Joint Venture became the pivotal tool for organizing and producing his shoots. Today Joint Venture has multiple productions in its portfolio and, thanks to the many collaborations produces both editorial and advertising content in studio and location.
  • Clients and Partners
  • Antica Gelateria del Corso
    Attractive model Budapest
    Avantage model management Budapest
    Brave model management Milan
    Fondazione ANT Onlus
    Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus
    Casinò Barriere Cannes
    Cinzia Landi Jewels
    Baci Perugina
    Banca di Parma
    Bollicine Community – Zucchetti Group
    Comune di Parma
    Coppa del Nonno
    Elite, Milan
    Hotel Danieli Venezia
    Hotel Majestic Barriere Cannes
    Fanep Onlus
    Gazzetta di Parma
    Global Mirex
    Fiere di Parma
    Ivet Fashion model management Sofia
    Fondazione Magnani Rocca
    Mason Anggy Haif
    Archivio Carlo Mattioli
    Miss World Italy
    Palazzo di Varignana
    Palais des Festivals Cannes
    Quotidiano Nazionale
    Fondazione Toscanini
    Town House Hotel Milano
    Università degli studi di Parma
    Vanessa Montoro
    Wawe Model management Milan
    Weareone model management Budapest
    Zadi Group
  • Production's Details
  • Photo Projects 2022 Alabama – Published on Flanelle Magazine 2021 Plastic Film – Published on L’Officiel Lithuania 2021 Anti depressiva – Published on Elegant Magazine 2019 The unpredictability of life, New York - Chosen for Hahnemuhle Exhibition Milan 2019 Personal research studies of light, Sofia and Budapest 2019 Intothewild, Cannes – Published on Dreamingless Magazine 2019 Milanese Imbruttito, G. Lanzoni portrait - Cover Page and main editorial on Business Magazine 2018 C’est la vie, Cannes – Published on Huff Magazine 2017 Seven7y, Parma – Published on Kodd Magazine 2016 Venice, Venice 2016 The Hunter II, Piacenza - Parma 2015 The Hunter I, New York 2016 Une diva à Cannes, Cannes 2016 -Published on Fruk Magazine 2015 Expo foto Canes – Chosen for exhibition into palais du festival, Cannes film festival 68th edition Ongoing Contracts From 2013: Illa S.p.A., Parma From 2013: Overmach S.p.A., Parma From 2014: Cinzia Landi Jewels, Parma. From 2018: Dallara Automobili, Varano de Melegari Ongoing TV Projects From 2016: TV Show “Speciale Venezia”, TV PARMA, Venice Form 2016: TV Show “Speciale Cannes”, TV PARMA, Cannes Assignments 2019 National Campaign, Giannini, Brescia 2018 International Campaign Vitality’s Premium, Turin 2018 National Campaign, Giannini, Brescia 2014 Institutional Campaign, Banca di Parma BCC, Parma 2014 Smile&Beauty, Parma 2011 Institutional Campaign: “Uniforms”, Comune di Parma, Parma Charity 2018 Charity Calendar Pro ANT Onlus with Miss World Italy 2017 Charity Calendar Pro Fanep Onlus with Miss World Italy 2017 National Campaign, Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus, Milan 2016 National Campaign, Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus, Milan Exhibitions 2020 The unpredictability of life, Hahnemuhle Exhibition, Milan 2015 Expo foto Canes, Festival di Cannes 68° Edition, Cannes 2011 “Uniforms”, Comune di Parma, Parma